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Outcomes of revision total hip arthroplasty using a vascularised anterior femoral window

Purpose Extraction of the distal femoral cement mantle and restrictor during revision total hip arthroplasty (rTHA) is challenging and can compromise host bone stock. The aim of this study is to report outcomes of our femoral windowing technique for cement removal. Methods We report on a cohort of 36 patients with an average age of 68.7 years who underwent 40 cemented rTHA between 2011 and 2017 using a vascularised anterior femoral window. Clinical and radiological outcomes were retrospectively reviewed with a mean follow-up of 6.6 years (range, 3.8–10).Results Latest mean WOMAC score was 25.4 and all windows achieved radiographic union by a mean of 7.9 weeks. Femoral component survivorship was 100% and 38 out of 40 rTHAs showed no evidence of radiological loosening. Conclusion The vascularised anterior window to remove the distal femoral cement mantle under direct vision is safe and reproducible with excellent clinical and radiographic results.

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BBC article on 3D printed assisted total ankle replacement

South Warwickshire NHS Trust said a private firm supplied 3D printed cutting jigs to give support during the surgery.

Jigs are tools used in operations as they fit on to the surface of bones in only one particular way, to keep a surgeon working on the correct bone.

The NHS trust said the surgery on 9 August at Warwick Hospital completely replaced the ankle of the patient who had been suffering for years with severe pain from osteoarthritis.

Gurdip Chahal led the operation and said: “It is immensely rewarding when we can combine the latest technology with design.”

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Warwick Hospital successful in first implantation of a 3D printed patient specific jig assisted total ankle replacement

On Monday 9 August 2021, Warwick Hospital was successful in their first implantation of a 3D printed patient specific jig assisted total ankle replacement on an 82 year old patient.

Mr Gurdip Chahal, Trauma and Orthopaedic Consultant specialising in foot and ankle surgery, along with the Trauma and Orthopaedic team, planned the operation using computer aided technology via webinars with teams in the United States.

JAMO Orthopaedics Ltd aided the process of planning, supplied the 3D printed sterile cutting jigs and offered support for the surgery.

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